Testimonials from Muddy Pooch Dog Walking customers

Katy is great with dogs as well as their owners!

I love the little notes she leaves on how the dogs have been each day!

She provides an excellent, reliable service and I am confident that my dogs are happy and safe in her hands. I would definitely recommend!

T.L, East End, North Leigh

We rescued our Labrador just over 2 years ago when she was 3 years old. At this time she was scared of people and other dogs and very nervous. We met Katy approx. 10 months ago, on the first meeting Willow refused to leave the end of the driveway and didn’t want us out of her sight! Katy’s gentle determination and encouragement has led to Willow now being a confident girl, she exudes excitement when Katy picks her up for a walk and merrily trots off even if we are at home. Katy also walks Willow when we are at work and leaves a record of what time she collects and drops her back and also a little note as to how she was on her walk and what they might have seen or where they went, which is really lovely and encouraging feedback to get as an owner. Katy has taken the time to bond with Willow and to help her understand that there are more than just two people in the world that love her!

R.B, Long Hanborough.

Katy is a fabulous dog walker and we’d be lost without her. She has helped me countless times (with seven dogs of varying breeds/sizes) and remains calm and professional throughout her walks and is unfazed by the many obstacles that they encounter.

She is punctual, polite, kind and most importantly a huge lover of dogs. I truly can’t recommend her highly enough.

K.B, Chipping Norton

Just the best person I could possibly think of to walk my two dogs. She has shown patience, kindness and a lot of love towards my dogs. Neither are particularly easy to win over, so we had to do a few initial dog walks together, and now whenever they see Katy they are beside themselves with joy!

We all give her a 5-star rating.

L.A. Islip


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